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The name Drumlin Area Land Trust was chosen because our area of operation roughly corresponds with the Drumlin Area of South-Central Wisconsin. A drumlin is a glacial landform, generally regarded as a remnant of the Wisconsin ice age. It is a streamlined, elongate hill composed of glacial sediment, with its long axis parallel to the movement of glacial ice. It has a steep up-ice end and gradually smoothes into the surrounding terrain at its down-ice end. Drumlins were molded and eroded at the base of the glacier while the ice was actively moving over head. They are usually found in fields or swarms of similarly shaped, sized and oriented hills. Drumlins are a characteristic and striking landform of much of Jefferson and Dodge Counties.

Our logo reflects two drumlins nested beside one another, which is typical of the Drumlin Area.

Drumlin Area Land Trust is working to protect the rolling landscape of drumlins, kettles, moraines, outwash plains and extinct lake plains formed by the advance and subsequent melting of glacier ice during the last ice age. The wetlands, uplands, rivers and lakes created by the glacial relief provide habitat for wildlife and native plant communities. These natural areas filter pollutants, absorb run-off and flood waters, and are the source of biodiversity. The fertile soils support an agricultural community that contributes to the economic base of the Drumlin Area and provides the rural character and pastoral vistas we all enjoy.

Waterloo and Marshall, Jefferson and Dane Counties. February, 1970. Altitude c. 5,000 ft. The snow cover of this winter scene highlights a swarm of drumlins. Slopes of many of these parallel hills are wooded, in contrast to the surrounding cropped and pastured farmland. The drumlins were deposited by the Green Bay Lobe of the Wisconsin Glacier about 20,000 years ago as it moved to the southwest (left bottom of frame).

Courtesy of the Carl Guell collection from Images of Wisconsin


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